Jabsco raw water pump leak on Beta engine - Part 1

Beginning of March 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

This is the continuing saga of the water leak we found when starting the engine after doing all of the engine annual maintenance.  We thought the water was leaking from the bottom raw water hose on the impeller housing. 
Jabsco raw water pump 
Jabsco raw water pump  29460-1701  4310
The salt water keeps forming on top of this hose.
Trident 3/4 wet-dry exhaust-type hose.
Old hose clamp to left new one at right. Both solid hose clamps.
Trident 3\4 inch wet exhaust hose trimmed off and new solid hose clamp installed.

We have since trimmed off the hose using the Dremmel tool to get a nice even cut. The hose has wire in it. We have moved the hose clamp further up the hose to try for a better seal. We have tried this several times and there is still water forming at the top of the hose. I tried to feel around the Jabsco impeller housing and thought I did not feel any water but my fingers are big. Debbie tried and found that there was water on top of her finger indicating it may be coming from the housing.

 The hose is about 13 feet long. If we were to replace it we would get 14 foot and make the loop a little higher. We will make the loop higher anyway but the snaking of the hose will not be that easy but the re-snaking and the price of purchasing a new hose when this one is still in good shape is not an option. At least at this time we think the hose is in good shape, if we do not find another posible leak then this one will get replaced.
We will pull out the impeller and check the Jabsco impeller housing and pump.

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