Club Nautico De Mazatlan A.C and Old Harbor anchorage

 If you want to get a mooring ball or just anchor in Old Harbor then you would want to use this dinghy dock.

End of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Club Nautico De Mazatlan A.C. This was used a lot back in the day before the new marinas were built to the north of the city. Still a good place to stop for a few days.
Looking out into Old Harbor
Looking to the right from the dinghy dock.
 Some of the mooring balls.
  Some of the mooring balls and anchorage area.

 Looking at the locals area for sport fishing etc.
Looking to left from dinghy dock.
Baja to Mainland Ferries on the other side of  a break water.
 Looking at the club house.
 You can see the poop plant tanks in the background. The poop plant is across the street. What you see is the area of Club Nautico De Mazatlan A.C.
 The dinghy dock which is a safe place to leave the dinghy all night if need be.
 The entrance to the club house.
There are no air conditioned spaces and the place is a little run down . It still works good for a place to land the dinghy. The cost is about $3.00 USD a day. 
 The street out front is not just for car parking.
 Local spot fishing fleet.
 There is a peninsula that runs out to Club Nautico De Mazatlan A.C. and then on up to the El Faro light house.
This is the ocean side of the peninsula.
This is the ocean side of the peninsula.
Some of the art on the peninsula.
To the right are some small restaurants or taco stands and tiendas. Notice the moder lamp posts that run all along the road to Old Town Mazatlán.
The buss runs by Club Nautico De Mazatlan A.C. and they hang out down by the hill you see. That road to the left leads to Olas Altas Beach by Old Town Mazatlán.
Road by poop plant.
Poop plant. If you get the right breeze or wrong breeze you will smell the sewage treatment plant while at anchor.

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