Purchased a VW Jetta in Mazatlan, Mexico

ddle of April 2017 - Tied upazatlán, Mexico

 Yes, we purchased a car - a 2008 VW Jetta. Here in Mexico they also call them a Bora.
We have the SE model. This model has the 2.5 engine which is a work horse of a motor.
Of course it has good air conditioning and a sun roof.

We hired local guy Robert, to help us find a car. He used to work for VW here in town and was injured on the job.  He knows a lot about the used car industry here in Mazatlán.  This particular lot he knows about because he grew up with the owner.  The owner's father owned this same car lot for many years before.
Notice the missing license plates - we get new ones
when we change the title and register it.
As it sits by the car lot where we bought it.
Debbie standing by the mechanics shop.
Robert knows a lot of people and places like this shop.
He grew up in this neighborhood.
Me checking the engine, Robert walking by.
(Robert's father is a year younger than me!)
The mechanic doing his thing.The car was pronounced fine
(needs an oil change - a later-date thing to do)
and the mechanic said he would buy it himself.

 Now it is getting the cash out of the banks in Mexico. This will be several bus trips. We also have to buy insurance before we can change the title/register it so we found a "seguros" (insurance) office by the marina.

This car will make life a little easier in the summers - going to get groceries, going to the beach/pool, running errands for boat parts, etc.  Also, we need a car for coming back to the U.S.in the summer and having transportation while we are there to see family and friends!