Our LED stern spot lifght gets a face lift

Our LED spot light after six years in the sun and fun.
This LED light is very handy. We have it connected to a remote control. On the way back to the boat in the dinghy Debbie clicks the remote and the stern davit area lights up. We then have light for landing the dinghy by the stern steps and raising the dinghy. It is also connected to a switch in the cockpit.
LED spot light is connected to this switch panel also.

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

One other use is while in the cabin we can switch on the light by remote if we hear suspicious activity outside. Granted the dinghy is in the way while up on the davits but it will let people know we are up and coming without being in harms way. We thankfully have never had a problem in all the places we have been in Mexico for the last five years but it is there to use if we need to.
It is looking tired and needs some loving.
The wire going to it is also sun baked and the insulation is pealing off.

The bracket we made and the one that came with the spot light
need a cleaning and greasing.
First we stripped off the rest of the paint and did a light sanding
then washed it off with acetone. This is after a few coats of paint.
We repaired the wire and removed the tape.
We cleaned up the other area of the spot light with acetone.
Back in service and looking good!
The paint is not quite white, a little pinkish but it is hard to tell.

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