No more "Veggie man" as the snow bird season is over

The "Veggie man's" truck with all the goodies.

Middle of April 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
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He also has tamales his wife makes.
Different all the time like pork, chicken or veggie tamales.
Debbie with the "Veggie man".
Life is easier with fresh veggies and no lugging on the bus or taxi etc. We bring our rolling cart and get some fresh veggies and eggs etc. These come or some come from his ranch. Sometimes his son is asleep in the truck, he works nights at a taquiera.
He comes to this parking lot by the marina.
His buddy comes too who sells fish, fresh shrimp and fish.

Debbie at work getting some veggies. He is finished for the season as the condo owners have flown the coop...not enough business for him to come in the warmer months.

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