Varnishing salon and taped brush

Beginning of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We had previously put in two teak plugs to fill two holes that were close together (from the clock and barometer oak mount which we are not having there any longer). They did not look so hot. We had a 1\2 inch teak plug so we borrowed a DeWalt 1\2 drill/bit from Alan and Elizabeth on s\v Vivacia and drilled the hole and pounded in the plug, gently :) This looks much better.

Before any varnishing.

I think this is the first diluted coat on here.


Tony, who we house sat for told us to put tape on the brush
 to keep the varnish from getting up into the bristles. 

We tried it but it is not what I expected. It can scoop varnish up and it can unravel in tight spaces making a mess. We went back to no tape.Some of the throw-away varnishing brushing at Home Depot here in PV, Mexico have short bristles so I see the idea. They just shed too many bristles. We need to work the varnish in on the satin and wood.  


By where the salon table goes. With taped brush as you can see.

What an eye!

Gee I thought I was getting thinner :(  
It's the angle of the photo!

All done.

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