Stern shower access port installed - Deck Washdown installed

The original stern shower try. 
Nice try but no shower worth taking as the water trickled out 😕

Middle of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
Here you can see the hole it left.
Debbie made a template for the new hole over the old hole.
We got # 6 screws for the inspection plate
 (along with some new ones for the davit bracing) at the 
local fastener store.
That was a great find! 
At least one of the guys speaks English also! It is in Mezcales.
Guys at fastener shop!
Gringo, me, on right.
A cool assortment of just about everything!
Lots of eye candy!!
Food vender working on his engine at the fastener shop. 
Also busy selling food 😛
Debbie got me a shrimp cocktail, loaded with shrimp 
and hot sauce. Mmmmmm also came with tostada chips.
Anyway, back to the project report...It finally fits in the new hole on a hole!
All screwed in. 
This we will mount in the inspection plate. We have one like it 
in our anchor locker. Had to get some SS fasteners that would bolt it on.
We have tested it out to make sure this would work a while back... it works great. 
Good for washing off the bottom-cleaning dive gear and taking a shower on the stern, or washing off after a swim etc. It uses fresh water...remember, we do have a water maker.
In action, when we jury-rigged it up.
And then we drilled yet another hole! 😅
Not bad. It would be better without the dimples in the access port but we need to work with what we have available. It will function properly and the dimples will drain if they get soaked.
Another thing that will make life a bit easier and more fun.
Newfound Metals , where we purchased our SS port holes, sells these Deck Washdowns and they have come out with a new hose fitting.
We have the old straight kind and the new ones are easier to use and point the hose up where we need it. We will purchase a new one. It is now on our wish list.
What we have.

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