New Marinco 30A 125V Female Connector for our white 30 amp power cord (shore power)

Beginning of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
So some how this post got not posted so here it is.

We installed a new plug on our white 30 amp shore power cord. We burnt it out last summer during a worked its way loose.

Nice outdoor work area (with the boat in the background).
Marinco 30A 125V Female Connector with Cover and Rings (Part # 305CRCN.VPK).

This Marinco end was supposed to have the "Easy lock sealing ring" but it came with the standard threaded. Guess we could order it separately but is it worth the bother and expense?

 We like the white cord as it blends in with the white boat. We use it to connect the Honda 2000 generator to our shore power inlet. This gives us AC power to run our air compressor for when we clean the bottom or our battery charger if we have a few days of clouds etc. The white chord makes the Honda 200 generator less conspicuous also sitting (locked up) at the bow when in use.

Coiling it makes it easier to store when not in use!
Job well-done!!

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