Anchor snubber/chain hook re-visited - 3 of 5

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We purchased the Mantus Chain hook and bridle system. We also got boat show pricing which made it even better!

We, like other cruisers, anchor for months at a time and use a bridle every time we anchor!

Nancy and Ken on s\v Gitane will bring this down for us when they return to Mexico for winter cruising. We purchased the 3\8 small boat version 30 - 40' with SS hook as we have a 36' Islander Freeport with new ACCO 3\8 Grade 30 BBB chain and a 45lb CQR anchor. We are hoping this is one more item that will make our life easier!

Yes, we could make the line up and do the splices but some things for us are just better purchased. We would need to purchase the line and the thimble may not be available here. Or if open then it would need to be pressed closed and welded. Anyway we have enough on our plate so we just went for it and  will be happy to put it to use, by getting off the dock again!

 Other work we are doing finishing up on are:

We have the Lewmar chain stopper without the handle.

 The pin that goes through the chain stopper has a ball in it to keep it from coming out. The ball fell out and is lost. Besides the chain stopper being fine but for the pin they are not inexpensive to buy just for the pin. So we dropped it at Taler De Torno Gonzalez Machine shop and are having the pin drilled out and will put a pin in the pin :)

The pin fits but the hole does not go through, yet.

Also we use the pin on the chain stopper to hold a roller from a boat trailer
 to guide the chain down to the gypsy on the Lewmar H3 windless.
 It is rubber but they can still machine it to be 53 mm wide so it fits inside the Lewmar chain stopper. We were using a smaller one for this purpose but are upgrading, so to speak :)

The pin fit right in this one. The last one we had drilled out to fit the pin.

We also added some rubber to our bow roller. This will help keep our galvanized 3\8 BBB Acco  chain galvanized by not banging and dragging over the SS bow roller.

Another boat trailer roller we use. 
We are also replacing the chain hook, seen here 
rusted up, with a SS one.

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