Debbie is making salon seat covers from HD tarps - 1 of 5

Middle of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Debbie is making salon seat covers from Home Depot tarps!

Sunbrella fabric here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is expensive, and to get the color you want it needs to be ordered. We have posted how our new salon upholstery is tragically falling apart. It makes a mess and is of course expensive to replace, again! We did re-upholster and modify our ottoman and we like the Sunbrella vinyl we used on it and had it done local. They have the fabric. However it is not inexpensive to do the whole salon and we wanted to test this fabric out first. It has been about a year since we have had the ottoman done and it is holding up fine. We do need to wait another season to have the salon foam modified and re-upholstered. We do not want to wait another year and live constantly with the crappy salon cushions however. Debbie spotted these tarps when we were shopping at Home Deport and decided it would be inexpensive way of living nicer for next cruising season. They are durable painters tarps and are washable and do not feel bad on the skin. Debbie​ started on the bottom cushions.

Home Depot painters tarps.

Debbie washed the fabric first.

Not bad stuff.

Measure three time before cutting!

Here you can see how the faux leather deteriorated :(

Tracing the cushion to know how much 
of a side allowance is needed.

Calculations for the cover!

Aahh, the cut!  

Tried using the hot knife however the fabric 
only gummed it up and burnt so went with the tried and true scissors!

Side to bottom coverage without casing for elastic.

The sewing begins!  
Used the handy-dandy method of including the elastic
 in the casing during the sewing process.  This saves the extra
 step of threading the elastic through.

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