Selling it off - stuff gotta go - car - bicycles + misc

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Because I need a new hip and we will be going to the VA in the USA for the hip surgery, we are lightening the load. We are shedding our land ties here so we can be more portable. For instance, we own a Mexican-registered car. 

With no AC, it makes it tough in the summer.

We have Mexican driver’s licenses and permanent residence status. We have two bicycles and some other small items that we do not need to be portable. Our Ford Ka has sat all last summer at Paradise Village Marina and we got grief for it. It sat for 6 months while we were cruising.

Our Mexican car.

They did not charge us but what do we do the same again this summer, pay for storage? We do not think so. All this summer we have used the house sitting vehicles and this truck we are using is quite nice. SO the car has again sat. 

We have not needed the bicycles either.  So off they went to somebody who can use them for some decent pesos. We sold our two bicycles to Tim and Paula s\v hooligan at Paradise Village Marina and are now looking to sell our Ford Ka. We hope to cruise this winter again and then next summer head to the USA for a hip. 

Debbie's ride...we have added a front basket.

Here is my bicycle - last year, I blew out the front tire 
here jumping a curb so we took the bicycle to the bike shop.

Going to the States would mean leaving the boat here in Mexico.  We probably would choose a more affordable marina to leave it in than Paradise Village Marina. Say, up in Mazatlan, for instance.  Well, the Ford Ka would not make the trip.  The car is nice when we need it but a pain when we do not.  Anyway, off it is going to go.


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