Standard Horizon GPS antenna hooked up but no data

Beginning of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We sent this off to Standard Horizon support.:


 Well we purchased the model number is Q7000619A antenna and have it mounted and the wire snaked back to the radio. We have connected the:
Brown wire from the antenna to the gray wire from the GX2150 radio.
We connected the green wire from the radio to a temporary red wire which is a ground to the boat.
We connected the red and black wires from the antenna to a power source. We tested for power using a test light and it lights, works so there is power to the antenna.
We turned on the radio but no GPS data came in.

I would imagine this data should not take longer than the 10 minuets that the alarm will sound at start up? 

How long should it take for the GPS data to arrive at the radio?

Does the green ground wire from the radio need to be to a buss to the house batteries or an earth ground like to the engine?

See pictures.

This is some of the wiring from the Garmin chart plotter 
to the Standard Horizon GX2150 radio. 

We did this so the Standard Horizon Gx2150 radio would get GPS data and then send AIS to the Garmin chart plotter. It works fine but... the radio sounds an alarm if it does not get GPS data. So if we do not want to use the electronics, only the VHF, then we get this alarm which is quite annoying and it needs to be shut off each time. It goes off at regular intervals as long as the radio is on. No way in settings to turn it off. So finally we bought a GPS antenna ($150.00 USD) for the Standard Horizon GX2150 radio alone so it does not need the chart plotter turned on for data.

We snaked up the GPS antenna wiring and the WiFi antenna wiring at the same time.

Debbie hooking up the wiring to a string we lowered.

Getting the cables up into the radio area (nav station).

Still smiling!

GPS wiring.

Debbie put the terminal ends on and got it all right, at least we think it is :)

Some of the Garmin 740 chart plotter wires are there still and this is still all temporary until we get it working and sorted out.

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