Anchor snubber/chain hook re-visited - 4 of 5

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We the pin and roller to the Taler De Torno Gonzalez Machine shop - SS welding and had the weld job done.


Because our English speaking amigo Enrique was not there (out working in the La Cruz boat yard) the roller job came out wrong. 

We wanted the roller shorter length wise. We want it 53 mm wide. It got machined 53 mm inside. So they gave us our welding for free, we also had a stern bracket welded up. We purchased another roller form Zaragoza Chandlery and will bring the last of the welding and the roller back for another try when Enrique is there, will call first. Now however they know what we want.

When this is not a Chin Stop it is a chain roller.The new and improved one to be machined will be a little wider and thicker bringing up the chain a bit more off the bow roller.


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