Varnishing hanging locker doors etc in stateroom

Beginning of July 2015 - At a private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

Well I thought we had posted our pics of the varnishing work while house sitting in Bucerias  but it seems not. So, if so, you get it again and here goes :)

Sanded and cleaned with TSP, ready for vranish!

Remember there is NO AC in the garage and it is hot but we are tough so we keep going!

This is the first diluted coat (with thinner) of varnish. The thinner needs to have mineral spirits in it. We found some at HD. Not that easy to find in Mexico.

Not bad if I must say so myself!

Some touch up :)

And off we go to get it looking like glass.

We got three coats on the doors here. They still look a bit raw.

We had also taken out the four draws and one small door from between the hanging lockers. We were going to varnish them here also but they had to wait.

 Now we are at our next house sitting job at what we call "the palace". We are not using the AC on the boat while sanding and varnishing - just a couple small fans.

Forward hanging locker all sanded and washed with TSP. Ready for Debbie to tape.

These have the first diluted coat on.

We decided to do all we can arround the hanging lockers while not living on the boat so this is the door between the hanging lockers, first coat.

 The lamp we bought at Mega (grocery store) because we needed more light.

Where the drawers and bottom door 
are between the hanging lockers. 

Islander did a nice job on all drawers in the boat by maximizing storage space. It is cheaper to make them all the same size but Islander Yachts chose to make the ones up higher longer as the hull goes out, allowing for that.

The first one and two coats we do all around the edges of the hanging locker doors and drawers. Then just the outside so they all close without snagging varnish build up.

Happy face...despite it is being hot!

We have previously done the drawers so now it is about time to do the drawer trims.

In our new house sitting gigs' work shop. Still no AC in the workshop, of course.

That's as far as we have gotten since the last house sitting gig, a little sanding.

As you can see there is a lot to varnish still. Plus two drawers you do not see.

The other hanging locker door patiently waiting.

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