Storing sails for the summer

Beginning of July 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

Previously at (last month) Paradise Village Marina .

We washed, dried and then folded up our 135% genoa and it was not something we will repeat doing. Each summer we say we will be out sailing here and there.  Fact is, with all the shade gear up and the temperature as it is, we never go out. This year we decided to remove the sails so they would  be protected from the sun and rain. It is real difficult to get the main up for drying out in the rainy season so it will not get moldy. By the time we were folding the genoa, it was early afternoon and we were cooking. So, we did the smart thing for the main sail and hired it out.  Got someone else to do it. We hired Argos Marine (Jason)...and they did a real nice job. It seems like they went above and beyond - now that I think about it we probably should have tipped them.  We will definitely have them do both sails next summer. They did a nice job washing, drying and folding the main. They bagged it and wire-tied the batons together.  They even washed the stack pack and folded it up and  put it in the sail bag Then they wire tied the pvc piping that supports the bag and the sail batons together.. 

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