State room varnish - hanging lockers etc.

End of July 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico.
Here we found some black spots in the oak. Possibly mold but may be nothing. 

The port hole is over this area. We put the first diluted coat of varnish on and saw this more clearly. We are stripping the old and new varnish off the black areas and soaking them in bleach. Then we will varnish again.

We continue to varnish around the fiddles and edges of the oak while we work on the middle.

Possibly some black spots here so we are stripping the area.

Drawers between hanging lockers. 

We need to secure those wires behind the drawers that go to the anchor windless! Keep forgetting.

Stern hanging locker door trim.

Forward hanging locker door trim.

Forward stateroom drawer trim under the bed.

Stern stateroom drawer trim under the bed.
The space for the drawers makes a handy place for tools while we are varnishing the edges.

The oak on the boat was varnished at the factory. 

Islander Yachts gave the option for oak on flat surfaces and it looks nice and brightens the boat. Also because it was previously varnished and nicely it is a lot easier to varnish now than the raw teak. The teak has had teak oil applied by the PO and that's it. Teak oil is desired by some but for us as we live aboard it is not soo good. It looks good when first applied but attracts dust. It is hard to not get it on other areas and needs to be done every few months or so, maybe six at the most. Varnish is easy to wipe off and does not attract dust\dirt. It is a job to do it the first time though. 

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