House sitting in a tropical paradise in a palace

End of July 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico 
Clyde makes a bee-line to me whenever I get into the hammock. 
He likes the scratching and petting he gets here.

Good dog and good times.

Nice breeze and good peace and rest. Also,
 we can see our boat, at our dock, s\v Elegant'sea!

 Careli can do anything while on the phone : Feeding the chickens.

The chicken coop is behind the pool house.

We get free eggs and Careli makes us eggs and cactus which grows here 
free also. So eggs and cactus and it is good!

Cage-free eggs as the chickens are let out quite often 
to roam around the property.

Careli, the house keeper. s\v Elegant'sea in the back ground.

Since we have a gourmet kitchen, Debbie decided to make some
 cinnamon rolls to enjoy some baking.

One for the gardener and he loved it :)

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