New GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor installed

End of July 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

So as said before but it is worth saying again, we lost out Garmin autopilot just outside Acapulco and had to hand steer 500 nm back to PV. Our rudder sensor broke which is part of the Drive A unit.
Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor . 

Garmin sent this to our cruising friends Alan and Elizabeth who where on s\v Vivacia  who were on a land trip in the states and they brought it down to Mexico for us. 

Drive A unit.

The Rudder Feedback Sensor that broke is inside the Drive A unit. It could be fixed if we could get the Drive A unit to the US but that is not happening so this is the alternative method. 

This GRF 10 plugs right into the brain where the Drive A uit one did..

Alan from s\v Vivacia  and I brainstorming on how and where to install the Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor .

Holes we drilled for 3\4 marine plywood for a base to mount the Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor on. We bolted it through with SS flat head screws. The ply wood came form one of the cut outs for the AC dicking.

Piter Carsten from Marine Vallarta seems to have plenty of experience with rudder sensors. 

Piter found a place to install the Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor right away.

Piter pearl diving for rudder sensor. Being tall Piter has good are reach for this project.

Because the quadrant is round Piter said we could install it on the back side of the rudder. 

It really made not difference. As we are really limited for space around the quadrant this was great. We also got Garmin 's approval (they said no problem) to install the Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor  up-side-down.

Back side of quadrant. There was two hole in the quadrant we were able to use. This is lucky as it would be near impossible to drill any in the quadrant.

This downward angel was corrected by using a few washers on the ball joint at the quadrant.

The extra extension cable we have that we did not need. 

Garmin sent this under warranty along with the Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor Garmin GRF 10 - Rudder Feedback Sensor. We will call after sea trials to see if they want it back.

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