(Our version of) Interview with a Cruiser

Cruising Season - November 27, 2014 through May 27, 2015

Editor's Note:  I wanted to report on our cruising season to our family and friends so devised this "interview".  For photographs of all the places and people mentioned, please see other blog posts.  


1.      Favorite passage
a.      Chip: Zihua to Isla Grande, sailing (March 2015)
b.      Debbie: Leaving Banderas Bay at sunset, sailing (November 2014)

2.      Least favorite passage
a.      Chip: Caleta de Campos to Maruata - no autopilot, questionable anchoring gear and weather crappy (April 2015)
b.      Debbie: Outbound Isla Grande, Inbound Santiago - 1 am departure, not feeling ready and not knowing where the blue barrel mooring was in the dark  (April 2015)

3.      Favorite anchorage
a.      Chip: Isla Grande - festive, had good swimming and kayak area, cool temperature and protective anchorage (March/April 2015)
b.      Debbie: Acapulco - good vibe, easy access to dinghy landing, big open bay  (January 2015)

4.      Most fun place
a.      Chip: Acapulco - people we met for paddle board repair, different types of buses, VIP movies, anchorage convenient to grocery store  (January 2015)
b.      Debbie: same as Chip's answered

5.      Most fun activities
a.      Chip: Kayaking in Isla Grande, paddle boarding in general, playing Mexican Train dominoes (with Morris and Debbie on s/v Impulsive and Eric and Candy on s/v Scoots) in Isla Grande and Santiago, VIP movies in Acapulco  (March/April 2015)
b.      Debbie:  Anchoring the dinghy off La Ropa beach in Zihua then going ashore for a soda....and all of what Chip said (except he paddle boards). Also, sailing after Sail Fest parade  (March 2015)

6.      Favorite eating experience
a.      Chip: Breakfast buffet at Hotel Cano Blanco in Barra, Tamales from Tamale Lady in Barra  (May 2015)
b.      Debbie: Baked potatoes at Papa Loca in Zihua (March 2015), tamales in Barra also ...so good to see Rosa again as she remembered us (May 2015), eating ice cream with crew of s/v Meridian in Zihua (December 2014/January 2015), agree with Chip, as breakfast buffet in Barra was also good!

7.      Least favorite anchorage
a.      Chip: Cabeza Negra north - turned out to be a very uncomfortable night due to swell, no shore access  (April 2015)
b.      Debbie: Zihua Principal  - noisy, busy with panga taxi traffic and para-sailing boats, difficult town to provision in. (December 2014/February-March 2015) Runner up is Las Hadas (December 2014/April 2015).

8.      Best piece of equipment on the boat
a.      Chip: Head, when it works well (because when it doesn't, it's a pain. Same goes for the Spectra watermaker.)
b.      Debbie: Caframo (DC) cockpit fans

9.      Most troublesome piece of equipment
a.      Chip: Garmin Autopilot - has broken every season and is still broken
b.      Debbie: Same thinking for autopilot. Primary is watermaker - tough troubleshooting the leak, getting new part and repairing in the field

10.   Didn't expect to see...
a.      Chip: s/v Patricia Belle in Acapulco (January 2015)
b.      Debbie: Keith on s/v Nunatak and Chris on s/v Legacy in Las Hadas (as they waited to load their boats on the vessel transport)  (April 2015)

11.   New Friends
a.      Cruisers - Rosie and Bill on s/v Cracklin' Rose, Erik and Eulalie on s/v Elizabeth Jean, Peter and Janet on s/v Taj, Alan and Elizabeth on s/v Vivacia, Morris and Debbie on s/v Impulsive, Eric and Vandy on s/v  Scoots, Hal and Kathy on s/v Airborne, David and Betty Ann on s/v Confidence, Dan and Lorraine on s/v Zephyrus, Jon and Lisa on s/v MollyJ, Bob and Deanna on s/v DeannaB, David on s/v Cutter Loose, Dave on s/v Falcon, Pitt on s/v Karma Seas,  Greg on s/v Irie (another Islander Freeport!)
b.      Mexicans - Rudolfo, paddleboard repair person in Acapulco; Jose, dinghy valet in Zihua, Andy, cab driver in Zihua
Sorry if we omitted anyone!

12.   Old Friends
a.      Cruisers - Heinze, Margarit and Dominique on s/v Meridian, Ken and Nancy on s/v Gitane, Nora on s/v 'Er Nibs, Hugo and Barb on m/v Aussie Made, Mike and Michelle on s/v Indian Summer, Henry and Pamela on s/v Rapscallion, David and Sam on s/v Islena, Dan and Kathy on s/v Lungta, Ron and Nancy on s/v Shindig, Rigo and Debbie with sons on s/v Heavy Meta, Karen on s/v Solitary Bird, Bruce and Pascual with son on s/v Calou, Tori and Roger on s/v Tan Tori, Danny and Deborah on s/v Cyclades
b.      Mexicans - Rosa, tamale lady in Barra; Dino, dockmaster in Barra; Maria, cruiser services in Barra
c.  The French Baker in Barra...need we say more!?!
Sorry if we omitted anyone!

13.   Other thoughts
a.      Chip and Debbie:  It was amazing that we were anchored out for six months – to the day! – with only four days total in the marina to make repairs (going and coming) in Barra.  We feel very fortunate that we were able to travel as far as we did and do all that we did – considering that a year ago we were not able to due to Chip’s hip disability. He has been very diligent in doing the prescribed exercises and keeping his weight down.  This cruising season was pretty much what we had in mind when retiring to Mexico to be sailboat cruisers!

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