Kato Marine Island Davit Motor wiring - continued, again

Beginning of July 2015 -At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

So how do you loose something this size on a 36' sail boat? 
Well it has happened before but still. Yes we found our Bandlands 2500 winch control box that we thought we never got with the winch. I was almost disappointed we found it and started wining to Debbie that I wanted the other control box, remote and switch we were going to purchase. We will go ahead and install the winch with the equipment it came with. If for some reason in the future we loose the remote or decide we want to go with the other electronics, then we can. We will add a breaker to the mix so nothing sets the winch off and it tears up the dinghy or some other drastic thing happens. 

The Badlands winch control box that we found hiding in the boat. 

Below are a few videos on the Badlands 2500 winch from Harbor Freight that are on YouTube. 

Installing the Badlands 2500 winch from Harbor Freight.

Badlands 2500# Wireless Winch MOUNTED SWITCH MOD 

"A VERY simple modification for the Harbor Freight 2500# Wireless-only winch that is a must. By following the video, you can add in an ON MOMENTARY-OFF-ON MOMENTARY switch in parallel to the wireless receiver and effectively add a hard-wire connection to your winch for added dependability. Losing your remote or a dead remote battery is a thing of the past."

Harbor Freight 2500lb ATV winch remote replacement CHEAP 

In case the remote goes to "Davey Jones's Locker" we could replace it.

This actually the remote we were looking to buy before we found the Badlands winch control box. 

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