Satin varnish - different

Middle of July 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay Mexico

"Golspar Satin is a dull gloss varnish ideal for anywhere a low-lustre, dull gloss effect is desired, such as cabinets tables counters etc."

This is the satin varnish we have been using. Only we are out of it and there is no place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that we can find that sells it. 

We bought a can of Z-Spar Captain's Satin varnish which here is about $50.00 USD and have started using it. It has some gloss to it so it looks different than the Interlux satin varnish. We have done some door parts and some other areas in the Interlux so now what? We may have to keep using this Captain's Satin varnish and put a coat or two on some of the other spots but the door panels would be too hard to do.

 Z-Spar Flagship varnish is what we are using for gloss. 

The Epifanes is for sale here but again not like what we were using.

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