More davit welding

Beginning  of July  2015  at private dock  in Nuevo Vallarta.

The arrow points to where the dinghy was catching the davits on the way up some times. Sometimes it would catch the or on top of the dinghy. With the new sled type of skids this should not happen any more.

The new kmotor mount and the new cleat. The cleat was on top of the davits but because we raised them up the cleat was not usable. So now it is. 

It is about 25' of 8 awg marine wire running to a bus then to the house batteries. Of course there will be a breaker etc in between.

The white wire is to the LED stern light which was removed to weld the davits when they were removed by us.

Moved this cleat to here and the cam cleat is sitting on 1" SS tubing that we had welded on. This will make life easier for pulling up the bow of the dinghy. We also move the wind generator brace to the davits.

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