The super yacht Harmeny got a new prop

Middle of June - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Goes to show you do not need a big ship yard to put a big prop on a super yacht!

New prop.
With a little Mexican ingenuity it is as easy as a few fenders.
Ship board crane holding up prop.
Putting fenders on each blade.
Their tender

Wrapping fenders around each blade of the prop.

New prop sitting in water.
This yacht is a 36,000,000 super yacht.

Our boat with Shade Trees up.
Hay our boat is at the same dock and it is not even worth a million!
New prop in water floating in fenders.

  The divers let out the air as needed to sink the prop to shaft.
Old prop.

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  1. If the yacht costs 35 million I wonder what the prop cost?