New Wheel spot

End of June - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Found a new spot to stash the wheel!



  1. That's a good out of the way spot for the wheel, but I hope you have a way of locking it up. That wheel might be tempting to someone.

  2. Yes there is a pad lock on it. If it disappeared we would just have to get a folding wheel! Now you scared us so maybe we will put a cable lock on it also :)
    Hay how bout those destroyer wheels that Islander used to offer? They are so cool with the teak trim, just a little big for getting around them.

  3. No more teak trim for me after last week redoing the starboard eyebrows and handrails! Several years ago I purchased a leather wheel cover with foam padding you sew onto the wheel, and I reversed it so the soft underside of the leather is facing up. I don't care how hot or cold the rest of the wheel feels, where you put your hands on the wheel it's always nice.