AC in PV hang out area

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 This room is the "Hospitality Suite" at the resort, available to marina residents.  It is meant for hotel guests who have to check out of their rooms well in advance of when their flights take off, as a place to hang out.  It is equipped with a full kitchen (fridge, sink, stove, microwave), showers and restrooms. We were able to get a locker here so it provides us with an alternative place to take our showers.  It's nice that it is available to us as marina residents as it gives us another place to be in A/C (that's super cold) with WiFi during the hot summer days

We watched a Netflix movie on our laptop (with earbuds split) here as this place usually has blazing fast WiFi.  We also had microwave popcorn!!

Debbie at the table.
A TV in each corner and I think they get US football etc.




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  1. how cool that you watched a movie on Netflix...what was it? and I am glad that you have access to that as well since we have had MUCH better Skype sessions and makes life a little more bearable with you guys gone. sending my love...xoxo