Dinghy stowed for now - till chaps

Middle of June - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We stowed the dinghy a little late in the year. It was because we got a couple quotes for making dinghy chaps.

We have purchased all the materials and were looking for labor quotes. We did get a couple.
One for $600.00 +
One for $410.00
 These are just for labor.

Yet to stow the floor. The dinghy is in the blue cover on deck.

 Debbie will try to make these and if we run into too much of a problem we will check in September when the pricing drops to about 60 percent as the work dries up here. Of course this may not affect the chaps or Debbie may have a good handle on them so there will be no need to re-check for pricing.

Hard at work again.
We are also servicing the oars as they get stuck together from the elements.
We have purchased some cleats and chalks and will install them on the dingy when we re-inflate it for the dingy chap patterns.

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  1. Chip,

    I thought you would have those new dorades on by now? A little less napping and some more hussle....lol