New Mermaid 12000 BTU HVAC test

Beginning of June at Paradise Village Marine in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The Mermaid 12000 BYU HVAC unit got tested again and it seems to be holding the coolant charge.
We have started sleeping with the stateroom AC on at night (Mermaid 5200 BTU unit). Our boat neighbor has a big fan and says it works fine for now. I guess if you have a big enough fan then it still keeps it cool enough to sleep. Very soon though the humidity will kick in some more and, well it gets hot.

 We set the temperature for the stateroom and the salon for the test. The AC worked fine. We then had the 27” LED TV and the 15” laptop on and watched a movie. AC and all was great. We then had two burners on the stove going cooking dinner and I used the Magma grill out in the cockpit to cook steak. In and out of the saloon a couple times. The AC still worked great. The temperature hardly rose. So it seems the 12000 BTU salon unit will handle the two people and cooking dinner and the TV etc no problem.
 The 30 amp shore power has handled both units and all appliance going on without a problem.

 The AC units are smart when it comes to using power especially with the digital thermostats.


  1. I'm sure you are both very happy that your efforts in the installation of the A/C paid off. I'm guessing you kept the door to the bunk area closed off. When are you going to use the A/C to the bunk area? Will you be able to run both systems at the same time?


  2. On shore power.
    We have run them both together and they work great.
    We can run the Mermaid 5200 just for the state room.
    We can run the Mermaid 5200 and cool the head and the stateroom as we have two vents in the head.12000 and the Mermaid 5200 and do the whole boat.
    We can run the 12000 and cool just the salon area.
    We have also run them both will our stove on, our TV and computer and Two 110 fans going etc with out a problem with heat or electric.

    At Anchor
    At Anchor we can run either ne off the Honda 2000 generator but not both at the same time.
    If running the 5200 it runs less if not cooling the head also, so may play in if running off a generator.
    We have never even started our Honda 2000 generator yet. Possibly up in the sea.