Stern steps got Teak Wonder

End of June - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The stern steps got sanded with #80 then #220 and then washed with Bon Ami and then sanded some more with #220 and washed again with Bon Ami. We do not see Bon Ami here in Mexico :(

 Then we applied a few coats of “Teak Wonder” on them and are evaluating whether to add more coats. We want them to come somewhat close to matching the cockpit grate which has been done with “Teak Wonder”. We did not need to sand the steps real good but just wanted to get the rough edges off etc. They can use same roughness as we do not want to be slippery, hence the “Teak Wonder”.
On the outside of the steps we used the Paddle Board to get at them for sanding.


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  1. You said you didn't want to sand the steps much, but in the picture the teak looks well sanded. Looks good!

    I'm down to Grasshopper on Tuesday to start on the cabin trim and handrails.