Learned double braid line splice with s\v Kitty Toes at Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta - 2018

To make things a easy as possible, creating a line to hold our boom out
from shadowing our solar panes seemed an obvious move.

No more hunting for a line that is the length needed etc. 
We looked for some line in our supply but nothing good and we did not want to cut up a good piece. So it was a simple walk across the street to Zaragoza Chandlery  We are at the Municipal Marina. (Marina Vallarta).

February 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

  Zaragoza Chandlery had the line but they do not splice. Well, Mike on s\v Kitty Toes said if I brought the line by he would show me how. You know that is exactly what I did! Mike, with a little help from his wife Elizabeth, did the splice and I watched and took pictures. 
 We spliced a "hook" onto the end of the line. This way we simply hook the line onto the boom at the third block and tie it off at the sail track cleat. Simple and easy and one less thing to do after dropping the anchor.
 Now, thanks to Mike showing me how I think this can be done by me next time. We do not have the tools but we put some on the list.

All done!

 Mike on s\v Kitty Toes.here at Marina Vallarta,
 s\v Kitty Toes is a Tayana. 
 The splice at work.
The splice at work.
The red line parallels the actual white line that is acting as a simple preventer holding out the boom away from our solar panels. The white line is kind of hard to see.

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