110 volt power cord access to cockpit - 2018

There is or was no access to 110 volt (shore power) electricity from anywhere but inside the boat or inside the lazerett.
That means a hatch, the companionway or lazerett lid has to be left open to run an extension chord out. This access we wanted to change so we did!

February 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)
As you see here we did change the access. Now there is easy access to 110 volt power from outside the boat. What we did is run a extension chord from a 110 volt CFI outlet that we had installed in the lazerett years ago. Before doing this, using the CFI outlet in the lazerett meant leaving the lazerett cover open all the while the outlet was being used. Not the best safety habit. So now with the new connection, nothing is left open except the plexi-glass cover to the engine panel.  Here, we are testing a fan we use inside to make sure the new connection works...it does!!
It was a handy place for a plug to go. I simply drilled a hole into the Beta Marine engine panel and then cut the extension chord and snaked it through.
After we cut the extension cord the current length I tried several times to use the yellow butt connectors to put it back together.
I had success on one side of the butt connector but the other side kept pulling out. It was a real pain stripping the wire and finally I asked Debbie for help. After checking it all out Debbie decided I was using the wrong size butt connectors. We should be using blue. Sure enough we started over with the blue butt connectors and it went together fine.
Taped them up and were done with the connecting.
I snaked the extension cord around to the electrical panel where the CFI outlet is and wire-tied it all up in position.
The plug that goes into the CFI outlet when we want to use the extension cord to the cockpit.  We leave it laying next to the CFI box out of the way and ready for use.
 Here the extension cord is plugged in.
We found that running an extension chord for say the UV water treatment filters while having the HVAC (Mermaid Marine Air air conditioning) running or just to use a power tool etc was a pain and left the boat open. It's the little things😊
Here the extension cord is plugged in with the cover over the outlet. We do not leave it plugged in but there would not be a problem if we did.

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