Anchoring LED bow, stern and amidships lights - tested in the real world - 2018

 As we had posted before about our blue LED strips on the dodger solar panel they are for sail handling at night.
Either a short term or long term solution depending on how they do. On an overnight passage from Mazatlán, Mexico to San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico we tested these blue LED deck lights out. There was no wind so we were motor-sailing along and did not need to work the mast or main. We did go up on deck and check out the lighting and it seems fine. They are mainly for handling the reefing of the main or bring it down or, of course, shaking out a reef. 

February 2018 - Currently in La Cruz Marina, Banderas Bay Mexico (Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz)
 The lights are easy to turn on\manage from the way up to the deck on the starboard side. Or the person in the cockpit can manage them easily. 
By manage them I mean they can be dimmed down if too bright, they can be put on flash at varying speeds if, say, for emergency as the bow and stern blue LED lights
 At anchor we have not use them yet, dimmed them and left them on with the bow and stern lights .
 We have anchored at Chacala, Mexico for 3-4 nights and Bahia de Jaltemba for one night. While on shore the boat would light up and we could tell which one s\v Elegant'sea was.
They were not obtrusive so we were not lit up to be noticed but only for safety navigation and finding our boat when kayaking\dinghying out..Also in Chacala there is a fair amount of panga fishing traffic by the dinghy landing area or panga fisherman pier and this helps keep us from harms way. 
 We simply switched them on and then each night they would light up and each morning turn off. No noticeable battery draw. We just left them on for our passage to Bahia de Jaltemba as it was just a day sail then they did their job again. They are working out great. As we are stopped in a marina now we simply switch them off. If our bow was over-hanging the dock we could leave the bow one for a courtesy so people do not eat the bow anchor on their way by the boat.
Now should we put some underwater?!?!?😬

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