Yelapa in Banderas Bay Mexico by giant catamaran! - Vallarta Adventures. 2018

Yes, another picture of the Yelapa water fall but with me in it. Take notice please as the water was really cold and I suffered for this photo op! Most only went waist deep. 
 The trip to Yelapa finally took place. First I needed a new hip so we could climb to the waterfall. Next we needed to decide how to get there. By s\v Elegant'sea and a mooring ball (we have not heard any good things about that mooring ball way from people who have done that).or we could take a panga water taxi and maybe spend the night. That seemed too complicated for our first trip. Or by tour boat. That seemed corny but it turned out great.
We went with Vallarta Adventures.

February 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

Chip and Debbie.
 Our last name was Willy for this trip, not Willis­čśŐ
 This Vallarta Adventures catamaran was doing 14.7 + knots all the way. 
Big, comfortable and not completely full so we had some room for our back packs etc.
 An upper deck for the sun lovers.
First stop, Majahuitas cove for snorkeling and kayaking.
The brave souls who jumped right in - one fellow said it WAS cold!
The Vallarta Adventures Catamaran. This trip was a nice fun, comfortable trip. 
It was well priced and was the right amount of time. 
We left at about 9 Am, had to be there at 8:00 am which was kind of early. There was a continental-tupe breakfast of fruit and muffins, coffee and juices.  We went to the cove where we snorkeled and kayaked. After that they put out the lunch and the open bar started. The all-you-can-eat lunch was good. The crew were nice and we motored on to Yelapa. (No paddleboard (SUP) (which the salesperson said there would be was a disappointment)
Quite a lot of children on this tour!
Beautiful fish!!

This is Iris, one of the photographers on staff.
Lunch is ready!

Some of the town.  About 2000 full-time residents and 85% of them speak English.  There is no "downtown".  And remember, you can only get here by boat - no roads into or out of....meaning, there are no cars here!
This is Isa, our tour guide and general MC!
The pier we were dropped off at.
For a price, you could hold this iguana and have your picture taken!
Crew member.
A burro hanging out along the trail to the waterfall. There is not a "down town' to Yelapa only houses with walking paths.
Here is a production sail boat, either a Catalina, Beneteau or a Hunter. It was bouncing and rolling around and it was nice not to be on it. I am not sure a world cruising boat like a Hans Christian, Baba or Tayana etc would fare any better here on a mooring ball.
Our big Vallarta Adventures cat waiting for us for pick up.
There is a lagoon on the other side of the sand bar.
The pier where we were picked up. 
When we got back to the boat the open bar continued and after a bit of motoring the crew put on a comedy show that was quite fun.
On the way to the pier for pick up.
This is a hotel at water's edge with many guest bungalows.
As it's been said - "A palapa in Yelapa beats a condo in Redondo"!!

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