s\v Elegant'sea gets a dodger visor for shade\breezes - 2018

As you can see the visor lets in the breeze and yet still gives us shade.

This is easy to put on the center dodger shade and is very adjustable.
One small line ties it off to the mast cleat.

February 2018 - Currently in Marina Vallarta, Banderas Bay Mexico (Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

We had been doing this same setup but without the new PVC pipe I made and it was a bit of a pain to put up and then down and was funky. It was just tied to a few twist fastener holes and would sag and all. Now it is a quick and easy set up, looks good and functions great.  
Quite a few years ago, Debbie made a whole dodger out of 90% Pfifertex shade material Here in the tropics, the regular dodger is usually too much - not letting air in.  So we usually use the shade dodger during the cruising season, at anchor or in the marina.
The small PVC pipe we purchased pre-cut from Home Depot. I measured for each female twist fastener on the shade part and then marked it on the PVC pipe. Then I drilled two holes for a twist fastener and screwed the twist fastener on the pipe. Repeat till done. There is some black and red writing on the PVC pipe but some acetone takes it off nicely.
Then a line halyard was attached to the middle fastener and tied off to the mast cleat. 
It can be closed by just letting the line go or taking off the PVC pipe if need be. And it is quite adjustable for different sun and wind conditions. We have left it here so far and it has been working great with the different sun times of the day.
 These pictures were taken before I cleaned the PVC up with acetone.
 I would have put end caps on but Home Depot was out of them.

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