Anchored at Bahia de Jaltemba - about 8 nm South of Chacala -2018

Chip and Debbie at the town square in Bahia de Jaltemba.

February 2018 - Currently in La Cruz Marina, Banderas Bay Mexico (Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz)

Whales, yes it is whale season and you can not go anywhere without seeing them playing. We had to alter course a couple few times to avoid a whale surfacing in our path.
No fooling around with the test Fortress FX-7 anymore. I used the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two and paddled out the Fortress FX-16 and set it. It holds always and with the kayak it is easy to set and I think easy to reset for wave direction changes. That was not needed here as this was a one night anchor.
Here I am paddling out the stern anchor and rode. 
With the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two and the Fortress FX-16 on the back of it with the 5\16 chain, spliced to 6 plait line which is tied off at the boat I can turn the stern of the boat to match where I drop the anchor. That's pretty good. Not sure about a windy day. For that we have a stern windless which will bring the stern around. We have 250' of 6 plat stern anchor line.
 Stern anchor is set, no-fuss-no-muss.
 We also set our flopper stopper for good measure.
s\v Elegant'sea as she sits at anchor in Bahia de Jaltemba
We are paddling to the beach in the kayak.
As you can see, no dinghy as we will not blow it up until Tenacatita. For me setting the stern anchor is less complicated with the kayak than the Achilles LSI-310E dinghy. With the dinghy the motor is a hassle to worry about and rowing and messing with a anchor on our blow up is a bit clumsy compared to the kayak. Plus the kayak is a snap to launch and pull back on the racks.
 Lots of happy people on the beach.
Yes there are jet skies here and banana boats...notice s\v Elegant'sea.
 After waiting for the sets to go by we paddled in for a successful beach landing.
We had drilled holes in the paddles so we can lock them to the kayak.
What Bahia de famous for, fresh cooked fish on a stick.
 There she sits at anchor, hard to see😕
 A gringo market in Bahia de Jaltemba.
Look, a gringo, oops it's Debbie😍

 We were going to let out some scope at the bow and pull in scope at the stern and then haul in the stern anchor. That was not going to work though because the winds were light and the sailboat at mooring by the stern anchor keep shifting around.
 As you can see at this point the stern anchor was close to the moored sail boat, too close for us to get at it with the big boat.
I decided to let out all the stern anchor rode, no big deal, and tie it off to a fender and throw it over the side. Then I picked it up and followed it to the stern anchor with the kayak. Then hauled it up breaking it free.. Then I brought the stern anchor and chain back to the boat with the rode and gave Debbie the fender and bitter end of the rode and she pulled it into the boat. Wala and easier than it sounded. Then we upped the main bow anchor and sailed away, ok motor sailed away as there was not much wind yet😎
Hauling in the stern anchor. 
On the way back with the goods. 
 The fender and all it's glory.
Ocean Kayak Malibu Two has been real stable and makes this easy.
Island off Bahia de Jaltemba.
A whale off Bahia de Jaltemba!
We are really glad we stopped at this anchorage!

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