San Blas 2018 - we learned a lesson...HVAC-genset with EasyStart - 2018

Our fall back plan for San Blas and bugs was to be able to use the HVAC. The idea of having the boat closed up to keep out the bugs was to just run the HVAC (A/C in this case) and we would be comfortable. However, when we arrived at the San Blas, we found no electrical power. My fall back plan did not work. Now we did have power for one day and were able to run the HVAC for that afternoon. I got a nice nap and movie.

February 2018 - Currently in La Cruz Marina, Banderas Bay Mexico (Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz)

Note 2018:
 We decided on an EasyStart and purchased one.

 Then the marina lost power on the docks for the rest of our stay. It was late January so it was cooler. The marina is up river but there still can be decent breezes.

 To watch our TV a bit at night we would use the Honda EU2000i generator as well as make hot water for our shower. We were told by other cruisers that the marina has not had hot water showers for a long time (which we did not know). Other cruisers who came in for a day or two were very disappointed with this fact.
 So now we are in Marina La Cruz and enjoying some afternoon Mermaid Marine Air (HVAC) as we are both sick and are going to watch a movie on the boat. This is quite nice. It is February but still with no breeze in the afternoon the temperature is over 80 and the humidity is 73 percent with the sun beating on the boat. While in our boat, s\v Elegant'sea, it is nice and cool and comfy with 51 percent humidity and quiet as there are kids running the docks. I personally did not see us using the HVAC this much or enjoying it this much.
Something like this. Maybe this one or something similar. 
SureAtrat by Hypereng - Electronic Software-Driven Soft Starters

 So to solve the no-power issue, I have decided to add a "Soft Start", which I think is SureAtrat by Hypereng to the 12000 btu Mermaid HVAC. I haven't done the research for the 5200 btu unit yet. This will give us total independence from shore power or crappy shore power to run our HVAC. The Soft Start should let us run the Honda EU2000i generator on echo mode. Echo mode is much quieter and easier on the generator. The generator only ramps up as needed to supply the power demand. It is also a miser on gas in echo mode.
 Now we have tried the 5200 with the Honda 2000 and it does not want to run on echo mode. This means the generator runs at full blast all the time. I had always thought we could run the 5200 up in the Sea of Cortez to give us a nights' sleep as it gets quite hot there while at anchor. So possibly a "Soft Start" will be installed on this unit also by us but before spending the cash we will do more testing.
 So anyway, we're going to do at least one "Smart Start" install and of course blog the installation and our results.
 I called Mermaid Marine Air and they do not recommend any particular brand of product but do say many customers use "Soft Starts" with good results. So, it is do-able!

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