VW Jetta is getting window tinting - Darker!

The VW Jetta has light tint on the front windows and maybe medium tint on the rear window.  We want dark tint on the back windows and medium on the front two windows, passenger and driver. This helps keep the car cooler and makes the AC works less to keep it cool. Summer's coming and this will matter. This place was recommended by our friend Jack.
 Old tint. Back window.
  Old tint.
  Old tint. Back side windows.
  Old tint. Back side windows
 Looking out through front pasenger side window.  Old tint.
 A VW Jetta with darker tint.
Everyone at the shop is very nice and we communicated well with our Spanish
and their English.  Price was right at 700 pesos - originally quoted 600 pesos
and then we got the sun roof done also.  This is $38 US dollars - a fantastic deal considering the price quotes we got last summer in the States - well in the hundreds.
  Old tint.
  Old tint.
Down the road. 
 New tint job is done. The back windows (5) are all dark tint. That is the rear window, the two windows in each back door.
 The two front windows (passenger and driver)  are medium tint.
 You can see the driver window is a bit lighter.
 The tint came out great, just like factory tint.
 Debbie is taking a picture of the sun roof.
The sun roof is dark tint also.

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