Two curtain rod holders needed re-fastening with new holes

The curtain rod holders for a couple of curtains fell out. This new piece of teak will add a new place for the screw holes as the old ones are wore out. This is for the port stern window in the galley. It looks out over the galley.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatl├ín, Mexico 
We had some old teak and grabbed a small piece. We then shaped it to the same size as the curtain rod holder. Then we drilled a hole through the center for the mopunting
Getting to be a limited choice of drill bits, time for some new ones.
We mounted the teak with 3M 5200 and then I drilled a hole and mounted the curtain rod holder. It has to be in the exact location to hold the rod. The teak split because I was in a hurry. Why was I in a hurry? Good question ­čśô I should have waited over night for the 3M 5200 to set up. Ok no problem the screw holds fine. The next day after the 3M 5200 had cured we drilled the other two holes and finished off the mounting without any splitting.
All done and pretty. This end of the curtain sticks out a bit more because of the teak piece of wood but it is not noticiable. Some day we may need to replace the other end also so then it would be even. You cannot tell until I mentioned it to you that it is a bit out on this end.
Looks good and after 30 plus years a rod hole can wear out. s\v Elegant'sea  is a 1978 boat after all.
Curtain and rod and holders all look good on the aft galley to cockpit widow!
This rod holder is on the port side in the middle of the salon windows.
There are three big windows on each side of the salon.
As you can see we used wire ties to hold on the rod.
Debbie put 3M 5200 in the holes and then re-screwed in the screws.
We left the wire ties on for now to hold it in place.

This spot is where I grab the hand rail when we are in rough seas after entering the salon from the cockpit. There is a good enough distance from curtian rod to teak hand rail in calm seas but in rough seas I sometimes hit the rod, grabbing for the hand rail. The three little screws are not much to hold it in. Also to wash the curtains one or twice a year we need to remove a rod holder to get out the curtains. So the screw holes wear out.  

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