Galley light gets rebuilt with red LED's for night passages

This Imtra light Debbie is working on has a bad circuit board.
We replaced it with a red LED hacked from another extra plastic accent light.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
This is a plastic accent light under our stairs.
We had an extra one with a red bulb. Well it has three LED-like bulbs in it.
We took the accent light apart and robbed the red LED
bulbs from it and put it in the Imtra light.
We wanted another light over here (red) for night time passages anyway. We had to grind down the plastic covering on the courtesy light LED circuit housing to get it to fit the Imtra. We used the Dremmel for this with a round sandpaper. Then Debbie used 3M 5200 to secure it in. A day later we mounted it back up.
Wala! We have a working red LED Imtra light again, or a modified version of the Imtra.

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