VW Jetta went to the suspension shop for a check up

Recommended by a friend Jack who is a surfer and goes off road to some out of the way surf spots on a regular basis. So he is a regular customer at this shop with his 4x4 SUV. They are knowledgeable and the pricing is right.

Beginning of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
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VW Jetta went to the suspension shop for a check up. This is also a tire shop.
Bodellasa Pirelli
Bodega de Llantas de Mazatlan
Address - Carretera Internacional 5101 Norte, El Venadillo, Sin Nombre 82129 Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico
Telephone - 669 980 7777
email - bodellasa@hotmail.com

They checked out the Jetta and we went over the things the dealer had suggested. They said all was OK but for a few dust covers and a rear sway bar? Anyway, it is not much cash so we will have them take care of it soon.

Up goes our VW Jetta on the lift.
A cute girl walking by, oops that's Debbie!

The mechanic lifted up the car and then lifted up the front end and twisted, pulled and tugged on things and inspected everything. Me and Jack looking on.
Dust cover to replace.

Jack, me and the suspension mechanic.
Jack checking things out.

We could use a few minor parts so we will come back, payday ­čśé

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