Mazatlan Organic Market

A bunch of us went to the Plaza Zaragoza Organic Market the other day.
It may be the last one of the season (or there may be one more),
so it seemed kind of small but still fun.

We ate yummy tacos (for breakfast) with handmade corn
tortillas - papas and frijoles for Debbie
and I had an arrachera with papas and frijoles.
Here is Nancy from s/v Gitane buying some organic herbs.
The farm-fresh egg stand - 50 pesos ($2.62 USD) for a dozen!
Looking out over Plazuela Zaragoza.
Nice pavilion and I had a tuna sausage sandwich with bread
from the oldest bakery in Mazatlán. It was most delicious
and the sausage was good also.
Yummy homemade pies - lemon meringue, pecan, and chicken.  We resisted!
Another bakery stand - this time we had one peanut butter cookie
and one chocolate brownie.  We shared them!!
Here is Nancy from s/v Gitane and
Lisa from s/v Molly J enjoying their tacos.
Another view of the pavilion.
Others of our group (l to r) - Dave and Marissa from s/v Pacifico
along with Nancy and Lisa.
A little bit for everyone - this was Nancy's purchases.

Here is Denny, another person we know here in Mazatlán.

Ken, from s/v Gitane and me deep in conversation after our taco breakfast.

Tim (and Donna) from s/v Northwest Passage met up with us
at the market.  They are anchored at Stone Island
so came over to meet up with all of us.
Kids love to chase the pigeons!
The square is very nice.
Not quite sure what these bows and flowers were on this tree trunk.
Ken and Nancy packing up
for the walk to Central Market
with Donna looking on.
Yes, here in Mexico too!
This is a small hotel by the plaza.
The plaza even had nice restrooms
to use for 5 pesos (about 25 cents USD).
Beautiful architecture surrounds this old plaza.

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