Fonatur boat yard-marina in Mazatlan

Looking at the main office by the gate.

Beginning of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

• Fonatur Mazatlan
Tel: +52 (669) 913-3720
Fax: +52 (669) 913-3730
50 ton lift, all services available

There are some boat services here also. There is Scott who is a ships carpenter, Active Marine etc.
Some boats in storage for the summer months. The white building is a condo complex by Marina Mazatlán,

Where some of the works space are.
Looking from the marina. The marina has one dock with varies size slips.

Looking across the yard.

By the entrance to the docks.

The travel lift.
Some more boats in storage or being worked on.

The fuel truck by the entrance.

The power boat has benn getting a lot of work done. The sail boat is in storage.

Boat storage.

Looking up by the fuel dock which you can not see and one of the cannels which goes up and around an island. It is by the El Cid Golf Course.

Looking out from Fonatur Mazatlán towards the chanel and El |Cid and then to the ocean.
Looking down the ram to the dock.
This is the reason for our trip over this time. To borrow a 1\2 drill from Bernie. This is Bernie's 36' boat The power boat in the back ground is in Marina Mazatlán

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