Bus ride to Culiacán Mexico - Costco

Here is La Vonn who orchestrated the bus to Culiacán\Costco.
We were up for a trip out of town and I wanted to see about a paddle board. So off to Culiacán. It is the largest city in and the capital of the state of Sinaloa. That is where we are in Mazatlán which is in the state of Sinaloa.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico 
Will it fit on the bus 😏
And for the price! Wow, that is a lot!!
 A big board but I could like it.
The board comes complete with board, bag and paddle! 
 One of these scooters is about the same price as the paddle board!
That seems unfair. The paddle board should be less?
Check it out!
  The food is the same menu as in the USA and is good.
The pizza slices are real big and the dogs are great.
Ok there is a difference. Instead of relish there are sliced Jalapeño.
We splurged for new flatware as ours is getting rusty after many years on board.
I also got a new hat! That was it, we are not needy and are not much for shopping.
The bus we took to Culiacán\Costco.and back. We plan on coming back and next time walk around CuliacánCuliacán is not a tourist town and would be fun to see.
The bus was less than half full so plenty of room for every one. It had a bathroom and reclining comfy seats and AC.
Debbie after leaving Costco.
We took the toll road and this is the tolls for the road.  Everything is of course in pesos.

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