Bimini supports for solar panels are getting a couple more braces.

s\v Elegant'sea is getting a couple of new bimini solar panel support braces.
This solar support mounting system has worked well in rough seas and high winds while sailing and heeling over. Still, it can never be strong enough in our minds.
We noticed a section that without the solar panels on the brackets, the supports can move a bit. Last summer we removed the solar panels and cleaned up the mounts and put in new fasteners in the clamps. After about six years it seemed time and it was, as some of the fasteners were hard to remove. That's when we noticed some movement.  The solar panels should not be the ones supporting the mounts because if a solar panel plastic mount breaks then that could compromise the system.

Middle of May 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
They are plastic clamps after all, strong but still. So we are adding two more SS supports to the system.

Solar panel plastic mount.
The tools.
Little by little we have been getting the SS end caps and joints welded on so they do not loosen and slip.
Here we will add the other support.
 We needed a few more SS fitting and Andrew on s\v Windsong gave us a bag of his old fittings to pick from.
Holy cow, what a score!  We get to shop the bag ­čśł

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