Surf spots and Mazatlian surf tour - Part 3 of 3

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

A lot of the places we went were un-marked turn offs from the highway, and by un-marked, I mean just a couple ruts on the side of the road easily this area.
The road to nowhere any more?
This, Jack said, was a road or a path to a surf area. Now they have made a regular road but blocked it off. A new hotel will be built on the other side of the tracks, ocean side. This they call progress? The hotel may never be built or possibly not in my lifetime.
Jack is getting the lowdown from a fellow
and his son at the construction site for the highway\road.
The square seems to always have a church. This was in Marmol.
And the town square.
Part of the lagoon which is dry now.
They raise shrimp in the lagoon when they flood it.
Some of the lagoon has water in it from the changing tide. 
Beautiful snowy egrets on the shore of the lagoon!
Lomas Del Mar de Piaxtla - another town we drove through.
The dam that makes farming the lagoon shrimp possible.
Here they string nets along the top of the dam in case it overflows, 

There were many pangas on the side of the ocean inlet to the lagoon.

This was the overview of the area from our perch up in the hillside!

We were surprised to see this lone cactus growing right out of the rocks!

There were a lot of birds overhead, from water hawks to frigates to vultures.
Our perch above the inlet to the lagoon.  The town had built steps
up there hoping to attract tourists to the town.
Here is a fisherman we watched from a cliff above the lagoon inlet. 
He put on his wetsuit then went about laying his net. 
Thanks to Jack, we enjoyed seeing all the surf spots (and all the birds)!!

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