Surf spots and Mazatlian surf tour - Part 1 of 3

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Our friend Jack offered to take us to some beaches just north of Mazatlán for an off-road tour.  The places we went were all off road and there was no going there without four wheel drive - fortunately, he had that kind of vehicle!

Our first little road was a nice, tree lined road until the RR tracks. Then it was cross the tracks over a dirt crossing, if you could call it that. .
I got gate duty.
The nice tree lined road.
The hole in the brush we came from.
The Pacific Ocean.
We wound around the dirt path or rutted road and then we drove along the RR tracks. I mean right next to them so we could ride on the gravel as best we could. No place to go if a train came. The train would not hit us but it would be real close to us going by. Luckily no train came while we were riding along side the tracks at different times during the day. Trains however did go by on the tracks just not when we were by them.  This is a surf spot and the path out is through the rocks. It is hard to see at high tide so someone built the art work so you could see where to come in at high tide. You surf here you more than likely will be the only one around for miles!
Surf art.
Jack holding a snake skeleton. Jack is 74 and still surfing strong!
Debbie and Jack contemplating the world.
Debbie was shell looking. We take nothing from the shore.
Debbie did build her own art work.
A shrimp boat doing its thing.

There are some spots to anchor around but not well protected. Perhaps for a day surf trip or a one night anchor. Very peaceful with a few small villages around.

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