Surf spots and Mazatlian surf tour - Part 2 of 3

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
These beaches were long and fun to ride on. Once in a while we would run over a dip and bounce around. We would go right around the point or cut up over land to the next beach.
Every so often we would come across one of these nets.
They work during high tide. There seemed to be two separated by say 50 yards.
A regular RR crossing at a small village, no lights or gate
but a sign and some gravel to ride on!
We think the tracks on the right are not used any more.
This is an all-wood structure that looked to be a restaurante - in it's day.
This structure is about 50 yards away
from the all-wood one...this looked abandoned too.

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