Pot luck at s\v Birtie - Isla Mazatlan Golden Rresort Marina

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We went to a pot-luck dinner sponsored by s\v Bertie at  Isla Mazatlan Golden Rresort Marina. The marina is just on the other side of a bridge connecting the island that sits in the bay where Marina Mazatlán is. Isla Mazatlan Golden Rresort Marina is more of a working marnia for some tour boats. There is also a set of slips across from it which is part of Marina Mazatlán and has all the local sport fishing boats so Isla Mazatlan Golden Rresort Marina can be a bit noisy but in a good way 😀
s\v Bertie has a wide beam.
We never really got the lowdown on this s\v Bertie.
Interesting setup.
The dodger is a combination of things.

The mizzen boom is not there?
Stable boat when you can have a 55 gallon steal drum up on deck!

One heck of a bowsprint!
There is a small community at this marina...only
a few of us from over the bridge!

There´s Debbie in the blue jacket - it was a little chilly
at sunset out on the dock.
This cat was modified so the middle pontoon was lowered. It is now a cross between a Trimaran and a Cat. The have crossed some oceans in it and are headed south to Panama soon.

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