Removing bracket on Beta diesel engine and hose fix

Middle of February 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

Removing the bracket on Beta diesel engine. We got the two bolts off without much of a problem. No cracked knuckles...just a little awkward. One holds the house battery bank ground. We cleaned up the ground but it was in good shape anyway. The bracket made it a bit difficult to get at the impeller. Not any more!
Cleaned up the House battey bank ground cable and lubed it.
We spotted a leaky split hose. It was just wet around the top
when running the engine. We decided it would be better to fix it.
Bracket gone. At Beta Marine they now sell touch up paint in a bottle with a brush. So no more using messy spray paint. We will order some next trip to the US.
The white is powder that got flung around to prevent bugs.

This fix still leaked so I wrote into the Beta forum
and was told to use a solid hose clamp and could replace the hose.
The hose is still in good shape (six years old) so we went looking for a solid hose clamp like what we took off. We wanted to replace it with a new one.
New with old hose clamps.
Got some new solid SS hose clamps for the 3/4 inch hose.
We then cut off about an inch of hose to get fresh hose. We heated the top area of the hose up some and slipped it on with a new solid hose clamp. And that, as they say, is the end of that story.

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