Companionway steps get cleaned and gets a coat of Teak Wonder

End of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The top companionway step gets cleaned and gets a coat of Teak Wonder .

First we cleaned the step with TSP several times.
Some places need some scraping and others sanding.

We have never done anything to the steps other than clean them once in a while.
We decided varnish would make them too slippery and we do not want to put the strips of non-skid on them. We have opted for Teak Wonder which will help protect the teak while keeping the nice grip of the teak wood.
 Mostly cleaned but this top step will still need some more cleaning
before coating it with Teak Wonder.
 The other two steps will get their turn, one at a time...we do live on the boat and need to get in and out.

 Still some cleaning on the step to do but almost ready. We are also working on cleaning up the cockpit grate for a coat of Teak Wonder.
 Looks nice wet! Just used a strong paper towel to spread the Teak Wonder around.
 You can see the section we have done.
 At work spreading the joy!
Now if the teak would keep the wet look! 

But the wet look fades away and when the teak dries it looks like this with the Teak Wonder on it.
 The second step we cleaned up some to get it prepped for the Teak Wonder.
The Teak Wonder does protect the teak some from diesel fuel and motor oil spills among other things. The teak will still stain but we have been able to get most of the stains out. If I was more careful it would not get stained in the first ask the impossible!
 All washed dup and ready for the Teak Wonder. They are drying out now.
All three steps are done with Teak Wonder, Job complete!.
Also the cockpit grate was cleaned and given a coat of Teak Wonder. We did not get to the stern steps, perhaps another time this season?

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