Installed new Bellows Assembly in J-Series Vacuum Tank

Beginning of January 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 This job would have been a lot easier if we had the parts when we original took this J-Series Vacuum Tank apart when we were in Zihuatanejo some time ago. There, we had to repair the tank and we noticed that the Bellows were in need of replacing. But we were in Zihuatanejo and there were no SeaLand VacuFlush parts anywhere around. See this post (VacuFlush J- Series Vacuum Generator failed). We had to order this Bellows from the US and have it shipped to Andrew and Ann on s\v Windsong. They were in Roseville, California on some personal business. They drove them down when they came back to the marina then we had our parts. It took about a month to get new parts and a few days to get the system back up and running. 
 This job took us about four tries, taking it all apart and putting it all back together and reinstalling it before I got it right. That includes a few calls and sending some pictures to VacuFlush tech support.
It turned out to be me not putting in an O ring. Yes as simple as that! 

Four duck bills that got replaced.
The Bellows (piston) that we replaced.
This is a rather tight spot under the stateroom bed
and accessing it from the door by the deck. You need to crawl
in and work, tight. This picture shows the pump removed and Bellows etc 
This shows the pump and Bellows housing.
First we remove the pump.
Removing pump.
Removing pump. Getting bolt out of the Bellows.
Removing the top of the housing.
These are the clamps holding in the Bellows. We need to remove them.
A duck bill that is needing replacing. There should not be a space there.
Removing the second duck bill.

Removing the clamps on the Bellows.
The Bellows...a dirty job for sure!
The problem, the crack in the Bellows.
Now all the clean up.
Cleaning the clamps for the Bellows.
Goes like this.
We need to line up the Bellows to where the pump will connect to it.
We used some electrical grease on everything as it is safe for rubber and plastic.
Installing the Bellows bolt and then refastening the pump.

The O ring I was missing and also installed wrong. 
Because I was having so much trouble getting this to work,
I tried changing the clamps around on the Bellows.
O ring around the top of the Bellows cover and Bellows clamps in upside down.

Bellows clamp correct.
Correctly installed with O ring around the top of the Bellows.
Bellows clamps correctly installed with flat side up.
This is an older photo but it shoes the VacuFlush J- Series Vacuum Generator all back together and working as it is now.

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